A Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy session? – what can I expect?

What defines good therapy? How professional is it? Will it do what I want? And will it need lots of appointments? All good questions and here are some answers.

My work is based on how we can easily and effectively adjust our thoughts, feelings and experiences in a healthy way every day of our lives. Hypnotherapy Session

It’s very hard for us to turn around such feelings as panic, stress and anxiety by thinking our way out of them. Our body chemistry is programmed to look out for danger 24/7 as we would if we were in the jungle and although we are not in that primal jungle now we are still hard wired to react as if we were. So the question is how do I adjust billions of neurons in my brain so that I can change my feelings and experiences in a healthier way every single day?

Here is a guide to demonstrate the path a first session is likely to go and how it could help you answer many of those questions.

1/ Releasing trauma is a must but wouldn’t it be good if we could let the unconscious mind do the work? After all that is the part of you that knows all about your issues. Releasing old issues and traumas this way means you won’t have to trawl through every upsetting moment of the past but let your creative mind make the changes and release them for you.

2/ Next you will discover how to literally “look in the right place” to help those old experiences lose their power and negative energy. Simple? Yes it is and I will show you how.

3/ Then we will use very simple and important breathing techniques to help bring down feelings of anxiety, stress or panic wherever you are, and in whatever situation you are in. You may have been told in the past to just “relax and take a deep breath” but that is rarely going to work. With the right tools you will be able to work “on the spot” with what ever issues come up. And that really is the time when we need help.

4/ Negative thoughts can take up a large part of our thinking patterns but generally only make things worse. Once again I will show you very simply how to start cutting out these damaging thinking patterns on the spot, as and when we are thinking them.

5/ Most of the session up to here is carried out with the eyes open, and as we continue we will already be engaging a state of focused awareness which is just one of the many trances that we drop into at different times throughout the day. At the end of this session I often give a 3 minute relaxation and hypnosis sequence that you can take with you. Used at home (it takes just 3 minutes) this will rapidly bring you to a much more comfortable state of calm and focus in your everyday life.

That will usually be the end of the first session and using these techniques and strategies helps me offer clients significant changes in their lives in just 2 – 4 sessions. These and other valuable and simple techniques and strategies you will take with you and be able to use them for the rest of your life.

I know they work because within a week of the first session the vast majority of clients will have made significant changes with the issues we are working on.

For instance just this month two cases of needle phobia completed successfully in two sessions. Also someone with lifelong everyday anxiety and IBS, noticeable improvements after just two sessions. And a client with panic attacks every day who literally could not swallow whole pieces of food and was living on a diet of smoothies. She was eating a chicken tikka straight after the second session!

It’s not magic but it’s nice when it feels like it is.

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