Article Published In The DAILY EXPRESS

Press Report
Flic Everett, Writer, TV and Radio Broadcaster

I have never been one to enjoy a combination of low fat-eating and exercise, so the idea of painless weight loss sounded ideal. And I did not have to take any weird pills. All I had to do was allow myself to be hypnotised.

Although initially sceptical, I went to my first appointment with Roger Foxwell determined to give it a chance. He asked me about my diet and my attitude to food and exercise and pointed out that there is no miracle method.

He asked what changes I would like to make and I decided to give up chocolate. It has had a mighty power on me for years: at times of stress, greed pain and depression I experience cravings for Lindt chocolate kittens. I thought that without it I could lose a few pounds pretty painlessly.

Roger dimmed the lights and told me to close my eyes. I was dreading the onset of new age whale music but he began to speak in a calm, slow voice, asking me to relax all the areas of my body. When I was truly relaxed he began to talk about food. He told me that I would no longer need chocolate and that I would care for my body by exercising in a way I found enjoyable. I could have stayed there all day, sleepily visualising my new toned physique, but after a while he told me to wake up feeling refreshed, which I obediently did.

The first test came that night after a lovely dinner cooked by my husband. I waited for my usual post-meal chocolate urge. Nothing. It seemed too sweet and sickly to contemplate.

By my next session two weeks on, I had still not touched any. We talked about stress and chocolate was not mentioned. I still did not want to eat any–and I felt motivated to do a lot of energetic gardening the next day.


After six weeks I still hadn’t had any chocolate and had no desire to eat it. But a combination of no exercise and several small cakes may have affected the outcome. I lost 3 lb and half an inch off my waist–a fantastic result considering that no personal effort was involved. I may not have lost half a stone but I do feel better about myself – and I can imagine getting through years to come without chocolate, unthinkable six weeks ago.