“We are not putting people to sleep when we do hypnosis, we are waking them up to their resources” Dr Jeffery Zeig

The old days of “watch swinging” trance are in the past and modern clinical hypnotherapy is a very sophisticated and effective treatment for many problems. Hypnosis Glasgow is a natural state, a state that we all experience every day. You may have noticed somebody who “seems to be in a trance” and we have all experienced driving past our exit on the motorway, almost forgetting to get off at a bus stop or becoming so engrossed in a task that we forget the time. In a therapeutic setting hypnosis can be a profoundly energizing state, an extremely interesting state and an experience in which our unconscious mind can actually participate and engage in helping us make amazing changes.

hypnotherapy session

In Hypnosis Glasgow we are most likely to feel very relaxed and comfortable and contrary to popular opinion we do not go to sleep. In fact the client is guided into an enhanced state of awareness and although the word sleep may be used they will be able to hear what is being said and still know where they are.  In this state the conscious mind will gently relax leaving the unconscious mind to help develop the changes required. Hypnosis Glasgow helps clear the mind of everyday thoughts allowing our creative unconscious to reprogrammed our mind in a safe and rapid way. In hypnosis no one can be made to do anything that goes against their principles and in fact clients are most likely to leave a session feeling relaxed and in a very uplifted state of mind.

Example of average number of sessions required:

  1. Stop Smoking  – 1 session (free back up if required within one month)
  2. Phobias, Nail biting, Confidence, Presentations, Speeches, 1 – 3 sessions.
  3. Anger issues, Weight loss, Anxiety,  IBS, Sexual problems, Performance enhancement , 2 – 4 sessions.
  4. Addictions, Eating disorders, OCD etc may be helped within 4 sessions but can take longer.


These figures are a guide and may vary so do call me for a no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you. 07970 218451

Hypnotherapy can help make powerful changes for many issues emotional and physical and a