We are not putting people to sleep when we do hypnosis, we are waking them up to their resources”  Dr Jeffery Zeig


The old days of following a “swinging watch” to enable trance are in the past. Modern clinical hypnotherapy is a very sophisticated and effective treatment for many problems.

Interestingly hypnosis is not sleep or a strange state that we can only experience by being “put under”. We are in a trance state of one form or another throughout the day. When driving we have all missed a turning while our mind was engaged thinking about something else. That’s a form of trance. In America they call it “highway hypnosis” Hypnotherapy Session

In my sessions the client is guided into a pleasant enhanced state of trance they can use to help open doors to positive change. This higher state of awareness allows your unconscious to choose the best options that are available for you. In this safe environment the busy conscious mind will gently relax leaving your unconscious creative to help you develop the changes required

That is why I don’t necessarily have to know a great deal about what it is we are working on. If a client doesn’t want to talk about it we let their unconscious safely take care of it for them. And if a client would like to give a detailed background to their circumstances that is OK as well.

My aim is to give all my clients the best possible experience. You will be given the tools that you can take with you now and into the future. These tools and this knowledge is designed to support and help you achieve the changes you are looking for.

Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, EMDR

Many therapists use deep analysis and free association to find answers to past experiences and traumas. However in my opinion this method is becoming outdated and I often see clients who do not wish to recount every detail of their lives back to year one. We have a perfectly good creative unconscious that will do that work for us without having to stir up past memories

Many therapists use Deep analysis to Hypnoanalysis definition, a method of psychoanalysis in which a patient is put into hypnosis in an attempt to secure analytic data, free associations, and early .

It attempts to utilize the trance state induced by hypnosis to effect a conscious understanding of a person’s unconscious psychodynamics.

Example of average number of sessions required:

  1. Stop Smoking  – 1 session (free back up if required within one month)
  2. Phobias, Nail biting, Confidence, Presentations, Speeches, 1 – 3 sessions.
  3. Anger issues, Weight loss, Anxiety,  IBS, Sexual problems, Performance enhancement , 2 – 4 sessions.
  4. Addictions, Eating disorders, OCD etc may be helped within 4 sessions but can take longer.


These figures are a guide and may vary so do call me for a no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you. 07970 218451

Hypnotherapy can help make powerful changes for many issues emotional and physical and a professionally qualified hypnotherapist will always be happy to talk through any issue with you and explain the options available.


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