Hypnotherapy Session

I use a range of Holistic trance based techniques that include Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Eye Movement Therapy and much more.

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is a sophisticated, powerful and relaxing tool to help bring empowering unconscious change into our every day lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique uses the energy of tapping gently on simple acupressure points to release past blocks that may have been holding us back. EFT often becomes a favorite tool with many of my clients.

They say “The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul” and you will be amazed how using simple and natural eye movement processes you will soon begin to direct your thoughts and feelings into patterns that support you rather than drain your resources.

My aim is to help clients release old habits and install new mental and physical healthier options. This soon becomes a fascinating and pleasurable experience.

As you discover how to harness your own natural resources then the stage is set for powerful change to take place.

Example of average number of sessions required:

  1. Stop Smoking  – 1 session (free back up if required within one month)
  2. Phobias, Nail biting, ConfidencePresentations, Speeches, 1 – 3 sessions.
  3. Anger issuesWeight lossAnxiety,  IBS, Sexual problems, Performance enhancement , 2 – 4 sessions.
  4. Addictions, Auto-immune issues, Chronic Fatigue, Dystonia,  Eating disorders, OCD, Dyslexia etc may be helped within 4 sessions but can take longer.

These figures are a guide and may vary so do call me for a no obligation chat to discuss how I can help you. 07970 218451

Hypnotherapy can help make powerful changes for many issues emotional and physical and a professionally qualified hypnotherapist will always be happy to talk through any issue with you and explain the options available.