Hypnosis also helps

OCD – Nervous stomach – Addictive disorders – Abuse – Erectile Dysfunction – Anorexia – Bulimia – Depression – Anger – Drinking – Relationships – Chronic Health Issues

I regularly see clients for the above and in many instances issues that everyone else has “given up on” can be helped and even resolved in just a few sessions.

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Hypnosis also helps

“I feel much better. Your CD is fine” J.D

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She is so upbeat following her sessions with you – so thanks again for all you are doing.” (Re. an Alcohol client)

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“You have changed my life and gave me the tools to cope and carry on making those changes” ST (After 3 sessions having suffered chronic depression for 25 years.)

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“The good news is that I’ve not pulled out any hairs since I last saw you.”

I use simple and powerful techniques that help give empowering and long lasting change.

Chronic Health Issues

If you (or someone close to you) are suffering from a serious and debilitating illness such as Parkinsons, ME, MS, Cancer or Crohn’s please contact me to discuss how EFT and hypnotherapy for stress may be able to help alongside your medical treatment.

Home visits or telephone appointments are available for clients unable to negotiate stairs or who are housebound.


If you have difficulty sleeping I have a powerful programme that has helped many of my clients quickly get back to a regular sleeping pattern.  Please contact me to find out how I can help you.

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