Daily Express – May 2000

A fantastic result”  “I do feel better” from an article in the Daily Express by TV and newspaper journalist Flic Everett


Stress-Anxiety-Panic Attacks

..the three sessions have been enough to make a massive difference and I’m really grateful and would love to recommend you..” KS

“I had a wonderful week and I  really had no panic attacks or anxiety, the tools you gave me are wonderful..” LG

“I’m pleased to say the hypno has completely taken away the attacks of panic I was having” – DM

“Thank you so much. Your help is making a real and positive difference to my life“. – HC

Hi Roger, Thanks so much for all your help.  I have so enjoyed learning all these new techniques.  Will be tapping constantly now!!!!  Will let you know how things are going. OM

“Hi Roger, Thank you very much for today, it’s left me in a great mood!”



Thank you so much for the session yesterday I would like to feed back to you some of the amazing insights I have had as a result of the seismic changes for the good…..  A.T.

“I feel so much better. My friend even noticed and is delighted to have her happy friend back! It was such a wonderful feeling to nearly skip out of your office!” LC

“I cannot believe that after visiting you that I feel this great. For years I have lived a completely unfulfilled life and now I’m back to my old self.” – GH

“Hi Roger, I am J’s sister and so thankful I found you. He is transformed….”- JP



“I even got a new job offer just yesterday for a really good position. I couldn’t have done that or had the confidence to sit their tests had i not met yourself….thanks.” – PT

“Thank you for the session yesterday, I always feel positive and happy after you work your magic!”

“Brilliant – I feel really good and positive and I’m so much happier” Thanks again for all your help. I hate to think where I would be if I hadn’t seen you.”



“I have just finished giving my presentation for my dissertation and I just wanted to email and say thank you, because I am so happy with how it went. I wasn’t nervous at all and the techniques you showed me really helped. Most importantly, I actually enjoyed it and I never thought I would ever be saying that 2 months ago. I wouldn’t have been able to say that if it wasn’t for you, so thank you so much!”

“Just wanted to let you know the hypnotherapy and skills you taught me have helped so much. I have done the presentation which I felt much more at ease, heart was more steady & I was able to speak more clearly. I recently went for an interview where I had to speak in front of a panel and i spoke at ease, no panic, shaking and feeling sick. I have come so far” CA


Driving Test

“Hi roger I passed thank you so much for your help. I definitely think I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much.” S

“I had a few sessions with you last year to help me with my confidence when driving a manual car and the results have been great. I would like to book another session with you to work further  on my confidence – I have just started a new job and feel that  I am being held back by my lack of confidence.”

“I would like to let you know that I did pass my driving test..the EFT did help me to feel more positive and I will try to keep using it” K A (This was after numerous fails!)


Hair pulling

“Good evening Roger,
I have not pulled a single hair since my appointment!

I left last Monday’s session feeling very relaxed and positive.
On the occasions I have felt my hand going towards my hair I have used the techniques you recommended, with good results.”

“H. is so positive about how effective your session was…she is like a different girl…yesterday she told me she hadn’t been near a hair since seeing you. she is so happy! thank you.”


Performance Skills


“Just to let you know that the game on Saturday went really well for me again. I felt confident and enjoyed it. I’ve been using the techniques you gave to me and i definitely feel my performances are improving.” SPL Footballer



in desperation (20years!) I googled “putting yip cures” … after two sessions I am putting and chipping yip free & shot 72 today on my course par 69. would urge any other suffering golfers to give Roger a call”

“Since we met I have worked away at the swing thoughts we spoke about and have banished completely my short game problem. I don’t even acknowledge that word any more. I don’t have the same feeling of dread I used to have on approaching short shots or chips and my enjoyment of the game has improved greatly. So thanks again Roger.” CW

“I was practising this morning and it felt great. (chipping) Even driving to work I was thinking about my short game and wasn’t wanting to go to the dark side as in the past” Colin



Thought I would send you a video of how my game has improved, with your help it has come on leaps and bounds. It is not 100% but is vastly improved and i can enjoy the game.”  GD



“My two difficult horses jumped brilliantly and I really did not have any nerves at all. This sees me through to the next big round in England.” – LT



Just to let you know that the game on Saturday went really well for me again. I felt confident and enjoyed it. I’ve been using the techniques you gave to me and i definitely feel my performances are improving.” SPL Footballer


Other issues

“That last session was utterly profound” (Alcohol Addiction) H.T.

“Just wanted to give you many thanks for the positive input you add to my existence. Things have been going really well since I last saw you and I am so grateful. Thank you for everything.” (Bulimia client)

“That place you took me to was so peaceful and tranquil” (Cancer patient)

“Have been meaning to get back to you for ages to say thank you so much for your support with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As you know we met just before a very big trip abroad. The two sessions really helped lift my energy levels pretty much from zero to high enough to allow me to pack and get myself to the airport, which was looking a bit doubtful at that point in time. Your techniques supported me throughout the 3 months I was away and I would recommend your methods and support for anyone living with this condition. Thanks again”

“You have changed my life and gave me the tools to cope and carry on making those changes” ST (After 3 sessions having suffered chronic depression for 25 years.)

“Thank you for your help today Roger. You are very kind to your patients. We appreciate it a lot”. SA (eating disorder)

“I came to see you earlier in the year about my sleepwalking which helped massively”. J.A.