Client Review

Daily Express – May 2000

“A fantastic result”  “I do feel better” from an article in the Daily Express by TV and newspaper journalist Flic Everett


Stress-Anxiety-Panic Attacks

“..the three sessions have been enough to make a massive difference and I’m really grateful and would love to recommend you..” KS
“I had a wonderful week and i  really had no panic attacks or anxiety, the tools you gave me are wonderful..” LG
(After first session)
Hi Roger,
Thanks so much for all your help.  I have so enjoyed learning all these new techniques.  Will be tapping constantly now!!!!  Will let you know how things are going. OM

“Hi Roger, Thank you very much for today, it’s left me in a great mood!” – BD

“Thank you so much. Your help is making a real and positive difference to my life“. – HC

“I meant to email you sooner! I just wanted to send you a thank you. I was so keen to sort my anxiety / panic attacks; and I found it much more beneficial than the counselling I’d tried or lame medication. I feel so much better and would definitely recommend your hypnotherapy to anyone and everyone now it was actually life-changing. I hope all is well with you. Thanks again so much,” RL

In short I really found your couple of sessions hugely beneficial for controlling my unhelpful thoughts and doubting…FS

“I’m pleased to say the hypno has completely taken away the attacks of panic I was having” – DM

“Just to let you know my trip went well and the anxiety seems to be in hand.. you have been a great help” – LB

“I am glad to report I am feeling much more positive and confident” – FM

“Tapping saved my life” RY

“Thanks for your help today. I’m pleased to say that this afternoon and this evening (with the family) went very well – I definitely acted differently and did things easier”



Thank you so much for the session yesterday I would like to feed back to you some of the amazing insights I have had as a result of the seismic changes for the good…..  A.T.

Thank you so much I feel so much better. My friend even noticed and is delighted to have her happy friend back! It was such a wonderful feeling to nearly skip out of your office! LC

Thanks for our first session. I already feel a difference with the techniques you taught me last weekend and I am looking forward to our next session. M. R.

“Hi Roger, I am J’s sister and so thankful I found you. He is transformed….”- JP

Thank you for all, I feel the sessions plus working with the knowledge you have given me is certainly helping me so very much, I feel my outlook is far brighter CL

I feel confident to deal with these issues through tapping and EFT. What a wonderful gift you have. A.L.

Thank you for your help, support and super sessions, it’s most definitely working.  M.C

I cannot believe that after visiting you that I feel this great. For years I have lived a completely unfulfilled life and now I’m back to my old self.” – GH

I’ve been doing really well and I’m proud to say I’m depression free and anxiety is at bay. I owe a lot of credit to you for (helping me) taking charge of my own mind. OM


Phobias, compulsions, obsessions

Flying Phobia “It’s about a year since I first came to see you and I wanted to let you know how I was getting on. After coming back from Australia which was the instigator for me seeking your help I flew from London where I was working to my sisters retirement party in Glasgow as a surprise which thrilled her, I didn’t think twice about booking the flight and flew on my own. There was another flight from London in August when the company I was working for needed to get to Edinburgh, again I never gave it a second thought and A…. was over the moon when I happily agreed to go to Majorca on holiday in October.

I had a very successful session with yourself about 5 years ago to combat a life long habit of nail biting…

You can tell that my sessions with you have changed my life. I often think about leaning over your banister looking at the stairs and how eventually I saw them as ‘just stairs’, that was the turning point for me and changed my way of thinking about the flights.”

“I never think twice about flying, we toured to New Zealand for this year in July then straight back to Edinburgh . Lots of flights and on planes for hours on end but it never bothered me, I just sat back relaxed and watched movies” CM

“I listen to your relaxation recording which I’ve put on my phone whenever I need a bit of down time. It always makes me feel good afterwards and I feel ready to fight another day.

I also had a wee trip to Lanzerote with some girl friends at the beginning of the year and was the best traveler out of them all! “

“I am going to America on 1st of Dec and returning on the 22nd, just in time for Christmas, travelling from east to west with lots of stops in between, seven flights in total. Not bad for someone who this time last year swore she would never fly again! I can’t thank you enough for helping me and I hope this email finds you well”

“I dealt with it differently and in a much healthier way” – DS

“K is definitely better with dogs” – ED

“It’s great not to be constantly worrying” – BM

“These techniques have been working well” (obsessional thinking) KS

“Thanks again for today I feel really positive and hopeful of a good outcome since leaving this morning” SK

Just a quick check in to let you know i was absolutely fine for the first time in living memory on the plane today! I didn’t take any valium and i even chatted to a woman who was nervous as I felt it would help take her mind off it. I can’t thank you enough for helping me in such a short time span. Forever grateful! R.K.



Superb. Went for 3 sessions last year and have felt so much better about so many things. A.C.

“Thank you for the session yesterday, I always feel positive and happy after you work your magic!”

“Brilliant – I feel really, really good. very positive, improving everything in my life and I’m so much happier” LP

” I would like to thank you for helping me stand up to him (my boss). Next thing I would like to talk about to you is confidence. When I came out from you the last time I honestly felt different. Like I was bigger. Happier even.” MH

“I can’t believe so much has changed in my thinking in the last few weeks., and I feel in a different place again. I am so much more confident and positive. Thank you.” – DG

“I always came away from your sessions feeling incredibly lifted and positive. Thank you very much and i hope to see you in the Spring”

Got the job your session really helped me, the feeling is not there. I would like another session in the future just to explore further. j.f.

“Thank-you so much for your help. I liked the way you worked and would recommend you without hesitation to others.” A.H.

“I have been doing really well and even got myself a job. My confidence is growing everyday” – AT

“Many thanks for all your help and support. It’s made all the difference.” – DC

“Thanks again for all your help. I hate to think where I would be if I hadn’t seen you.” – JH

Hello roger, just wanted to say how helpful our last session was. the work you do is very valuable and seems a bit like magic. My brain is more connected now and life makes more sense and i feel better able to cope. C W

“I even got a new job offer just yesterday for a really good position. I couldn’t have done that or had the confidence to sit their tests had i not met yourself….thanks.” – PT

“I came to see you as I have a a real problem with confidence and in particular at job interviews. I’d applied for a good job in Dubai and after seeing you i went for the interview and was offered the job.” SO

Hi Roger I just wanted to say that I successfully passed the exam. Thanks for all your advice and showing me all the tools and techniques. I’m really glad I came to see you and grateful for everything. Hope to see you soon. K

Performance Skills



“Just to let you know that the game on saturday went really well for me again. I felt confident and enjoyed it. I’ve been using the techniques you gave to me and i definitely feel my performances are improving.” SPL Footballer



“in desperation (20years!) I googled “putting yip cures” … after two sessions I am putting and chipping yip free & shot 72 today on my course par 69. would urge any other suffering golfers to give Roger a call” Tom

“Sorry I’ve not been in touch, but it’s really just to say thanks. Since we met I have worked away at the swing thoughts we spoke about and have banished completely my short game problem. I don’t even acknowledge that word anymore my game is great even if its not went as well as I would have liked. I don’t have the same feeling of dread I used to have on approaching short shots or chips and my enjoyment of the game has improved greatly. So thanks again Roger.” CW
Pleased to report that I have made improvements since our last session.

W.E 05.02.17 – Had a couple of very good sessions at the range
followed by a good round of golf at the weekend

“I was practising this morning and it felt great. (chipping) Even driving to work I was thinking
about my short game and wasn’t wanting to go to the dark side as in the past” Colin

W.E 12.02.17 – Had a shaky session at range in which became more hesitant than previous week but by end of the session it improved and then played the weekend and was quite as quick as previous week it was certainly a lot better than before.” C.W.



I have just finished giving my presentation for my dissertation and I just wanted to email and say thank you, because I am so happy with how it went. I wasn’t nervous at all and the techniques you showed me really helped. Most importantly, I actually enjoyed it and I never thought I would ever be saying that 2 months ago. I wouldn’t have been able to say that if it wasn’t for you, so thank you so much!

Just wanted to let you know the hypnotherapy and skills you taught me have helped so much. I have done the presentation which I felt much more at ease, heart was more steady & I was able to speak more clearly. I recently went for an interview where I had to speak in front of a panel and i spoke at ease, no panic, shaking and feeling sick. I have come so far. CA


“Thought I would send you a video of how my game has improved, with your help it has come on leaps and bounds. It is not 100% but is vastly improved and i can enjoy the game.”  GD



“My two difficult horses jumped brilliantly and I really did not have any nerves at all. This sees me through to the next big round in England.” – LT

“That was revelatory!” D.M.


Music Performance

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help before my recital!
The recital went really really well. I was really nervous a few days before it but on the day of it I was actually excited! I was listening to your mp3 file from the website all the time and it kept me calm and positive. I am really happy with my performance and everyone said I looked confident and engaged throughout the concert. This was a great experience and I am so glad I did it and now I know I’m able to make a successful and professional performance.
I collected my feedback yesterday and I got really good comments from the markers. They said I looked like I enjoyed the music I’m playing and that my presentation was really well. I am also very happy with my mark as it is the highest mark I got for performance during all four years at Uni! A. is pleased as well so I’m really glad! Thank you so much for helping me to achieve this! I wouldn’t be able to do it without your help! Because the recital went really well and I’m still using techniques you showed me I think I am also feeling more confident about myself in everyday’s life. So thank you so much! I will be in touch with you after summer about another session if that is ok.
Thank you once again!

“My recital couldn’t have gone better – thank you so much for all the great wisdom you passed on” LC

“you might like to know I have been enjoying some success with my playing and got through to the final of the Festival Concerto Class. Excited doesn’t cover it! I’m incredibly grateful for everything you helped me with” Flautist

“I have had the two best years of my career since I came to see you!” Professional trumpeter

“I am finding your methods very useful….and usually I find I can carry on out this way of thinking during the rest of the day while playing which benefits me hugely. Could I possibly make another appointment.   H.M.  violinist.

“I just want to let you know that my recital went extremely well. I didn’t shake much at all and found all the music just flowed out of me. It was by far the best performance I have ever done. My flat mate, who hears me practice everyday and has seen me in performances more than anyone, was so surprised by the difference in me on the night. So I’d like to thank you for all your help and advice. It has proven to be very successful. WB

Just to let you know our band won the competition and I won top soloist! Thanks for all your help CA

Thank you for all your help and advice…I passed my grade 5 exam with helped me so much . I will contact you about another appointment in the New Year. C..M

Sorry for not getting back to you about how the performance went. It was a success and one of my best performances. Thanks for your help! I would like to book another session with you soon. BL

“Meant to tell you that (after your workshop) the students at Strathclyde (University Music Department) were trying out your techniques and were all enthusing about them” Andrea Kuypers. Professional flautist and Tutor at Strathclyde and Napier Universities.

“Eureka, at last thankyou, I played a blinder!” – RS“

“The results have astonished me, I can now devote all my attention to the music.” – CM

your help really made a difference and I had no nerves at all. I was really pleased with my performance and I look forward to coming back to work with you some more”


Driving Test

“hey there Roger just let you know I passed my test! and i got zero under vehicle controls and just 2 for observation. put everything else was real smooth.”

I had a few sessions with you last year to help me with my confidence when driving a manual car and the results have been great. I would like to book another session with you to work further  on my confidence – I have just started a new job and feel that  I am being held back by my lack of confidence.

“I would like to let you know that I did pass my driving test..the EFT did help me to feel more positive and I will try to keep using it” K A (This was after numerous fails!)

“Hi roger I passed thank you so much for your help. I definitely think I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much. S


Hair pulling

Good evening Roger,
I hope you are well.
I write to you having not pulled a single hair since my appointment!

I left last Monday’s session feeling very relaxed and positive.
On the occasions I have felt my hand going towards my hair I have used the techniques you recommended, with good results.

H. is so positive about how effective your session was…she is like a different girl…yesterday she told me she hadn’t been near a hair since seeing you. she is so happy! thankyou.


Other issues

“That last session was utterly profound” (Alcohol addiction) H.T.

just to tell you that without your advice i really wouldn’t have coped today with a really difficult tooth extraction. now I’m rather battered but very relieved it’s over. C S

“That was amazing” (first session for help with depression) MC

Have been meaning to get back to you for ages to say thank you so much for your support with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As you know we met just before a very big trip abroad. The two sessions really helped lift my energy levels pretty much from zero to high enough to allow me to pack and get myself to the airport, which was looking a bit doubtful at that point in time.Your techniques supported me throughout the 3 months I was away and I would recommend your methods and support for anyone living with this condition.
Thanks again

You asked if I would let you know how I got on with my next blood test. I have just received my results today, my sugar levels have went down from 81 to 69 which is approximately an 15% drop, which I am very pleased with.

“You have changed my life and gave me the tools to cope and carry on making those changes” ST (After 3 sessions having suffered chronic depression for 25 years.)

“Thankyou for your help today Roger. You are very kind to your patients. We appreciate it a lot”. SA (eating disorder)

*Thanks Roger, things are great” CM (Sex problems)

“That place you took me to was so peaceful and tranquil” (Cancer patient)

“Just wanted to give you many thanks for the positive input you add to my existence. Things have been going really well since I last saw you and I am so grateful. Thank you for everything.” (Bulimia client)

“I feel that she is much improved and I know she is very much enjoying her sessions with you now and feels that they are really helping her. She is so upbeat following her sessions with you – so thanks again for all you are doing.” (Re. an Alcohol client)

I came to see you earlier in the year about my sleepwalking which helped massively”. J.A.

“I am eternally grateful for your help..” T.S.

“Just wanted to thank you for helping me overcome my fear of getting an MRI, I sailed right through. I had it the following week after I had seen you, I did my tapping exercise every day and I was astonished at how easy I found the MRI! I went from being a nervous wreck to a model patient in just one session! All thanks to you!” R.G.

“The sleep help you gave my wife is working. a treat.” – RL

“I really wanted to say thankyou for giving me my life back. Since I came to see you the IBS is now firmly back in control and is hardly a problem at all.” – JW

“I spoke to my doctor who said one of the most important parts of my treatment is coming to see you.” (OCD) JH

“I am feeling much happier now ..I have been talking through some of the areas we were having difficulty with and together we are working out solutions.” – SH


Stop Smoking

“Thanks Roger, i came up from Manchester to see you because you helped my mother stop smoking a few years ago. When I left your office I wasn’t sure if anything had changed but found I just wasn’t interested in them anymore. And I’m still not!” – JW

Thank you for the stop smoking session the other week. It’s been very successful and haven’t had one cigarette since. Everyone who knows me is in total shock.

“Thankyou for your help. I always enjoyed my sessions…I found them so interesting and fascinating. P.S my friend hasn’t had a ciggie since March ’98.” – LF

“Thanks for all your help, it clearly worked.” – CM

“I came to see you on 10 November 2000 a day which changed my life. I wanted to give up smoking and I am delighted with your help. I have not a cigarette since and indeed have referred several friends to you.” – DP

Weight Control

“I just wanted to say thank you for making such a difference to my life. I am feeling really positive and happy..and losing weight!!”

“Everything is going really well. I haven’t weighed myself for a couple of weeks, but it doesn’t matter as I feel fantastic. I know that the weight will start to come off.

I cannot believe that after visiting you that I feel this great. For years I have lived a completely unfulfilled life and now I’m back to my old self, and it’s all thanks to you.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, things are going really well and I got that job! Very happy! Thanks again. Bulimia client

Please feel free to use this e-mail as a client comment on your web site. I cannot praise you enough.”- JM

“I’m a great believer in it and I’ve lost 6 and a half pounds in two weeks already.” – JR

“J still hasn’t had a Pretzel! And indeed I have referred several friends to you” – MG

“Someone told me I had lost weight so I feel even better” – AL

“I know you asked lots of pertinent questions around this when we met. I have now changed my diet..the cravings for chocolate and anything sweet were unbelievable but now I couldn’t imagine eating anything sweet” – HJ