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Roger Foxwell D.Hyp MBSCH ARMCM
Professional Hypnotherapist
Advanced NLP Master Practitioner
Cert. Counseling & Psychotherapy

Eye Movement Sequencing

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The old feelings about my past just seem to have gone!


Seeking Professional Help for Anxiety, Stress & Much More!


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I offer traditional and ground breaking therapies plus techniques for lasting change including Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Eye Movement Sequencing. Using this information you will have the opportunity to make positive changes in your life right now and every day for your future. Thanks for visiting my website. Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR and NLP are just some of  the powerful tools available to clients at my holistic counselling and hypnotherapy clinic. With 25 years experience I can help you with: I see many clients with issues they are struggling to get help with such as : Unresolved Pain ME Fibromyalgia Dystonia Auto immune issues, I also offer help for Tinnitus Parkinsons ,and Autism Please call for a chat for more information I regularly update my material in line with the latest scientific studies and techniques. My work has featured in The Daily Express and I have been invited to talk about my work on ITV in Manchester. I have presented workshops and lectures to such organisations as Glasgow University, The Priory Glasgow, Napier University, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC SSO and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Stressed Woman

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

You may be surprised to know that letting go of stress and anxiety is often much simpler than you might imagine. I have been helping clients very successfully in this area for 25 years with many  experiencing …

Stop Smoking

Addictions, Stop Smoking

Addictions are usually compensatory habits that are driven by feelings of not being safe. These habits initially protect us from this discomfort but as we know will eventually consume us unless we can get help. Just …

Fear phobias

Fears Phobias OCD Worry

There are a multitude of Fears and Phobias such as Flying, Driving, Spiders etc. Although each of us may have our own particular issues they are all generated from our autonomic nervous system which is trying to …


Personal Confidence

Giving speeches and presenting are amongst the most unsettling experiences for many people, and it is much the same in sport and performing arts. If you would like to build your own personal confidence in …

I regularly help clients in my office and online with issues such as

Google Reviews

Roger is amazing! Roger helped me a great deal with several issues I wanted to work on. His techniques are very helpful and I’ve been recommending him to my family and friends. Thank you for being you Roger, you are appreciated! Claudia
Alison Colbourne
Alison Colbourne
Roger’s calm approach to his work and his wide knowledge of the subject has enabled him to help members of my family
C Morrison
C Morrison
Thank you for all the help you gave me Roger, I will be forever grateful. After every session I felt amazing and continue to feel better with the work you gave me to do at home, I feel very lucky to have met you. Best wishes Chrisanne
Suryakanta Barik
Suryakanta Barik
Thank you Roger for the Hypnotherapy Session. It helped me a lot. I highly recommend to all my friends.
Gitish Pradhan
Gitish Pradhan
Had a very informative session, really helpful. Thanks Roger !!
steven buckley
steven buckley
I have been working with Roger for the last 2 months, to actually say what he has done for me, l cannot put into words, but l will try, my state of mind and health, struggling with sleep, where at all time lows until speaking with Roger, Roger as been a constant source of encouragement and help He has provided me with breathing techniques, mind exercises, confidence boosters, is knowledge is unreal, he is not bringing me back to myself, but a better version of me, that is able to cope with pressures and reality better and every day life, so l do not go back to the state l was in, l will always have a special place in my heart for this man and l will always consider him a close friend and confidant Anyone looking to improve or better there lives, speak to Roger, l would highly recommend him, and believe in what he is telling you, though at first it is hard to fathom, he knows what he his talking a real life expert. Thank you so much Roger for everything, the support and always being there on short notice Your friend Steve Buckley
Emmanuelle Gabarda
Emmanuelle Gabarda
I did 3 sessions with Roger between December and January to boost self esteem and confidence and I feel so much better today. I haven’t had any negative thoughts in a while. Roger is a very nice man and he will give you some advice and exercises to take home so whenever you feel down you can work on that. Thank you very much!
Sophie Kirkwood
Sophie Kirkwood
I started seeing Roger in the summer in an attempt to combat obsessive and anxious thoughts I was having. The difference I saw in myself after only 3 sessions was incredible! Although I wouldn’t say I’m fully “cured,” I do feel much more positive and am confident that I can use the skills and resources Roger shared with me as I move forward. Roger is a lovely man who really puts you at ease, and is extremely good at what he does. Thank you!!
Rachel R
Rachel R
In only a couple of sessions with Roger, I managed to make very positive differences to my life – would recommend in a heartbeat!

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    Other Issues

    Hi Roger, thank you again so much for all your amazing help. These 3 sessions have been incredibly useful and have had such an impact on my life. It is very much appreciated. I’ll be sure to let you know how things progress


    Stop Smoking

    My brother came to see you to Stop Smoking which really worked, I wonder if you could help me with some issues?


    Other Issues

    You have blown my mind again!


    Other Issues

    I’ve been doing great, a marked improvement (OCD)


    Other Issues

    I’ve cut out virtually all my OCD thoughts since our last session


    Other Issues

    Thanks again Roger for all your help, I am so grateful


    Other Issues

    Amazing techniques – I’ll be using them for ever!


    Other Issues

    I almost can’t get my brain around it. It’s fantastic all this knowledge


    Other Issues

    It’s crazy in a really good way how things have changed in just a few weeks


    Other Issues

    I could picture the opportunity to walk through a door to an area of confidence and calm.


    Other Issues

    This has been life changing!


    Other Issues

    I’m incredibly grateful


    Other Issues

    Thanks so much, really appreciate it Saturday was a good day!


    Other Issues

    The improvement was nothing short of miraculous



    My reading is already so much better ( 2 sessions Dyslexia)


    Other Issues

    Massive improvement in my sleep


    Other Issues

    I love this gradual remapping of the brain


    Other Issues

    My daughter came to see you recently and she couldn’t speak of you highly enough


    Other Issues

    Just wanted to thank you for helping me overcome my fear of getting an MRI, I sailed right through. I had it the following week after I had seen you, I did my tapping exercise every day and I was astonished at how easy I found the MRI! I went from being a nervous wreck to a model patient in just one session! All thanks to you!


    Eating Disorder

    Thank you for your help today Roger. You are very kind to your patients. We appreciate it a lot .



    I came to see you earlier in the year about my sleepwalking which helped massively.


    Sex Problems

    Thanks Roger, things are great


    Other Issues

    That place you took me to was so peaceful and tranquil

    Cancer Patient

    Stop Smoking

    I came to see you on 10 November 2000 a day which changed my life. I wanted to give up smoking and I am delighted with your help. I have not a cigarette since and indeed have referred several friends to you.


    Weight Control

    I’m a great believer in it and I’ve lost 6 and a half pounds in two weeks already.


    Music Performance

    I am finding your methods very useful…and usually I find I can carry on out this way of thinking during the rest of the day while playing which benefits me hugely. Could I possibly make another appointment.

    H.M. Violinist


    Just to let you know that the game on Saturday went really well for me again. I felt confident and enjoyed it. I’ve been using the techniques you gave to me and i definitely feel my performances are improving.

    SPL Footballer


    I would like to thank you for helping me stand up to him (my boss). Next thing I would like to talk about to you is confidence. When I came out from you the last time I honestly felt different. Like I was bigger. Happier even.



    Thank-you so much for your help. I liked the way you worked and would recommend you without hesitation to others.



    I even got a new job offer just yesterday for a really good position. I couldn’t have done that or had the confidence to sit their tests had i not met yourself…thanks.



    All the strategies and techniques I use to help clients are supportive and invaluable for short and long term issues alike. Below are a few of the most Googled issues that clients are looking for help with.  

    Anxiety and Stress  Using hypnosis plus simple and unique techniques I regularly help clients make life changing improvements in just two or three sessions.

    The tools you gave me are wonderfulLG

    Panic Attacks With empowering techniques available that clients can successfully use anywhere hypnotherapy is a perfect way to help banish panic attacks from your life.

    I’m pleased to say the hypnotherapy has completely taken away the panic attacks I was havingDM

    Self Confidence Lack of confidence can really drain one’s self esteem.  Studies show that hypnotherapy is an ideal technique that has helped many people find their true and confident self.

    I would recommend your hypnotherapy to was actually life changingRL

    Depression   can seem like an insurmountable problem but hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique have been shown to powerfully assist many clients get themselves back to the life they deserve. To help get your life back and enjoy it the way you deserve just give me a call or email and I will be happy to discuss how I can really help.

    My friend even noticed and is delighted to have her happy friend back! It was such a wonderful feeling to nearly skip out of your office!LC

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Having spent a few years working with clients through Staff Absence Solutions helping Scot Rail staff who have suffered severe traumatic experiences, I have a lot of experience in this area. Using hypnosis, EMDR and EFT I have helped many clients suffering all manner of PTSD return to a much more comfortable life and future.

    The three sessions have been enough to make a massive difference and I’m really gratefulKS

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