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Roger Foxwell D.Hyp MBSCH ARMCM


Why wait to discover how far the power of your mind can take you

To help you through these difficult times

Online relaxation session for stress and anxiety £45

NHS and Carers £40

Are you looking for something that would not only powerfully help you change difficult issues in your life but give you the tools and strategies to continue those changes now and into your future?

Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR and NLP are just some of the tools available at my hypnotherapy clinic that are helping my clients make positive and meaningful changes in their lives every day.

In my 25 years experience as a professional hypnotherapist I regularly update the material I work with and have continued my studies with hypnotists and holistic therapists such as Richard Bandler (NLP), Tom Silver (Scientific & Clinical Hypnotherapy), Paul McKenna, Thom Shillaw Hypnosis and Margaret Lynch (EFT) and am very grateful for their generosity in sharing their knowledge.

My work has featured in The Daily Express, I have been invited to talk about my techniques on ITV in Manchester, and presented workshops and lectures to such organisations as Glasgow University, The Priory Glasgow, Napier University, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC SSO and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Roger Foxwell

I regularly help clients in my office and online with issues such as

Full session: £60 per session for first two sessions. 50-70 min

(Further subsequent sessions £50)

Online or phone session £50

Student and unwaged: £45 (50-70 min)

Stop smoking: £90 includes free backup session within a month if required

Introductory session: 40 – 50 minute chat through any issues plus deep relaxation hypnosis session £45

Payments Card, Cash, Bank transfer, Cheque

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Specialist Online Therapy Skype, Phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Team etc available.

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All the strategies and techniques I use to help clients are supportive and invaluable for short and long term issues alike. Below are a few of the most Googled issues that clients are looking for help with.

Anxiety and Stress  Using hypnosis plus simple and unique techniques I regularly help clients make life changing improvements in just two or three sessions.

The tools you gave me are wonderfulLG

Panic Attacks  With empowering techniques available that clients can successfully use anywhere hypnotherapy is a perfect way to help banish panic attacks from your life.

I’m pleased to say the hypnotherapy has completely taken away the panic attacks I was havingDM

Self Confidence  Lack of confidence can really drain one’s self esteem.  Studies show that hypnotherapy is an ideal technique that has helped many people find their true and confident self. 

I would recommend your hypnotherapy to was actually life changingRL

Depression  can seem like an insurmountable problem but hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique have been shown to powerfully assist many clients get themselves back to the life they deserve. To help get your life back and enjoy it the way you deserve just give me a call or email and I will be happy to discuss how I can really help.

My friend even noticed and is delighted to have her happy friend back! It was such a wonderful feeling to nearly skip out of your office!LC

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Having spent a few years working with clients through Staff Absence Solutions helping Scot Rail staff who have suffered severe traumatic experiences, I have a lot of experience in this area. Using hypnosis, EMDR and EFT I have helped many clients suffering all manner of PTSD return to a much more comfortable life and future.

The three sessions have been enough to make a massive difference and I’m really gratefulKS


Other Issues

Just wanted to thank you for helping me overcome my fear of getting an MRI, I sailed right through. I had it the following week after I had seen you, I did my tapping exercise every day and I was astonished at how easy I found the MRI! I went from being a nervous wreck to a model patient in just one session! All thanks to you!


Eating Disorder

Thank you for your help today Roger. You are very kind to your patients. We appreciate it a lot .



I came to see you earlier in the year about my sleepwalking which helped massively.


Sex Problems

Thanks Roger, things are great


Other Issues

That place you took me to was so peaceful and tranquil

Cancer Patient

Stop Smoking

I came to see you on 10 November 2000 a day which changed my life. I wanted to give up smoking and I am delighted with your help. I have not a cigarette since and indeed have referred several friends to you.


Weight Control

I’m a great believer in it and I’ve lost 6 and a half pounds in two weeks already.


Music Performance

I am finding your methods very useful…and usually I find I can carry on out this way of thinking during the rest of the day while playing which benefits me hugely. Could I possibly make another appointment.

H.M. Violinist


Just to let you know that the game on Saturday went really well for me again. I felt confident and enjoyed it. I’ve been using the techniques you gave to me and i definitely feel my performances are improving.

SPL Footballer


I would like to thank you for helping me stand up to him (my boss). Next thing I would like to talk about to you is confidence. When I came out from you the last time I honestly felt different. Like I was bigger. Happier even.



Thank-you so much for your help. I liked the way you worked and would recommend you without hesitation to others.



I even got a new job offer just yesterday for a really good position. I couldn’t have done that or had the confidence to sit their tests had i not met yourself…thanks.



Thanks for everything, the constant support and confidence, believing that l have what it takes, to be a success in everything l do in life, l will never forget what you have and are doing for me.


Stress-Anxiety-Panic Attacks

Tapping saved my life



It’s great not to be constantly worrying


Phobias, compulsions, obsessions

K is definitely better with dogs



I had a wonderful week and i really had no panic attacks or anxiety, the tools you gave me are wonderful..


Stress-Anxiety-Panic Attacks

..the three sessions have been enough to make a massive difference and I’m really grateful and would love to recommend you..


Daily Express

A fantastic results “ I do feel better ” from an article in the Daily Express

Flic Everett

TV and newspaper journalist


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