Phobias – Presenting – Exams- Public Speaking – Performance

There is an almost endless list of phobias and public speaking has always been amongst the top ranking.

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested method for helping people rid themselves of phobias, whether spider phobia, speaking in public phobia or a flying phobia. Public Speaking

It is interesting the connections there are in a phobic response that may not seem to have a lot to do with Performing, Exams and Presenting. But of course we just made that connection with public speaking!

Whenever we are faced with the part of us that perceives a threatening situation our nervous system is going to jump into action. This puts us into “I am being attacked by a wild animal mode!”

Understandably the primal brain can’t afford to waste time working things out logically. It immediately triggers “fight or flight” mode to keep us safe.

So that explains why we can feel overwhelmed with the same responses from the same part of the brain in what appear to be different scenarios.

By using therapeutic tools such as Hypnosis and EFT we can rapidly and effectively bring these trigger responses under control. I am working with many different issues every day and for this situation the aim is always to be able to reconnect with our relaxation response.

Using hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique I have helped hundreds of clients successfully
banish this type of intrusive thinking and help them get on with their lives with confidence and enjoyment.