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How to “Stay out of the Jungle” folks!

It’s tough living in the jungle isn’t it!

Well OK we don’t live in the actual jungle but we certainly seem to spend a lot of time in what feels like the jungle. So why, so often does it feel this way?

Anytime we experience a perception of danger our brain will respond in a primal way as if we are being chased by tigers. This is what it was designed to do. The words “fight and flight” are used these days to describe this experience but from a biochemical perspective we are being triggered into something closer to “life or death”.

We are all in effect still living in the jungle but in a different jungle. Whereas in the real jungle there is instant and present danger, in our modern jungle we are being constantly exposed to a “drip feed” of knocks, disappointments and worries that gradually build up until we are locked in full “fight and flight” mode.

Now fortunately if something really dangerous happens our brain knows how to instantly switch on everything needed to protect ourselves. The problem comes when we become “locked” into full “fight and flight” virtually every moment of our lives.

To find our way out of this self imposed jungle we need the tools to be able to regulate our own autonomic (automatic) nervous system in our everyday life. We also need the skills to upgrade our thinking and perceptions to help support us rather than frighten us.

Hypnosis to relax the body and mind, Emotional Freedom Technique to help release past build up of negative experiences and feelings, plus simple yet extremely powerful strategies to help build a truly positive and pleasurable future are just some of the very effective techniques I offer my clients on a daily basis.

For more information please email rogerfoxwell.therapy@gmail.com and I will be very happy to help.

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