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Imposter Syndrome

Are you filled with self-doubt about your own abilities?

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? Do you “talk yourself down?

Then you may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome.

Google apparently has 5 million articles on this very subject but for me, the most important question when dealing with emotional and mental issues is how can we help resolve them whilst putting in place the feelings, achievements, and experiences we really want to enjoy

We might think that imposter syndrome just applies to people employed in high-flying business positions and not to your everyday person in their everyday lives.

However many of us have ongoing doubts and worries about our own skills in life or how we “present” ourselves in everyday communication. This negative thinking will continue to nibble away at our own confidence and we can often find ourselves withdrawing more and more from offers of a step up in our workplace. And this can have a “knock-on” effect even in our everyday communication with friends and acquaintances. It feels safer to do this than confront the self imposed limitations we put on ourselves.

The first thing I write on virtually every client’s notes is 3 words. Am I safe?

This is a classic case of feeling unable to acknowledge and feel confident (safe) with one’s own unique abilities, skills, and creativity.

However, with the right tools, we really can unlock the power of our confidence and creative mind. Using simple empowering steps you could change your life overnight and bring a sense of confidence, value, and self-worth into your everyday life.

To do this we must first let go of any past material that is still standing in our way. And this doesn’t mean digging deep into our past traumas and experiences. Many therapies include a lot of talking and delving into the past but our unconscious mind knows far more about us than we could ever know consciously.

So why not let your unconscious do the work and help body and mind literally ”feel safe”? This will then give you the opportunity to enjoy and love your own skills, wisdom, knowledge, and the life and self-belief you deserve to enjoy.

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