The list of phobias is almost endless and one can become phobic about literally almost anything.

However, to suffer from any sort of phobia can quickly become an extremely dis-empowering experience. Because a phobia seems to be so irrational people will often live with their phobia secretly afraid others will find out.

It can often intrude into one’s life so much that things that would normally be taken for granted, such as flying, can become major obstacles to overcome and will be avoided altogether. This in turn can lead to avoidance of even more situations and also depression.


The amazing thing is that simple phobias can be easily treated (sometimes in as little as one session) and there is every possibility that even the most ingrained and complex phobic response can be cleared with the appropriate treatment in a minimum number of sessions.

It helps to know that there are three basic types of phobia and the direction your therapy will go to help you resolve that phobia.

1. A simple phobia that is not particularly linked to other issues. This can often be resolved in one session using Hypnosis and EFT.

2. A complex phobia that is linked to specific past events. To resolve this the specific events will need to be addressed and resolved.

3. Sometimes a phobia can be a mask for another issue in which case the underlying issue will need to be discovered and resolved.

Hypnosis NLP and EFT are ideal ways to resolve the most persistent phobic reactions. You can email or call me to find out how I can help you.

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