You may be surprised to know that letting go of stress and anxiety is often much simpler than you might imagine. I have been helping clients very successfully in this area for 25 years with many experiencing noticeable improvements even after one session. 1) Stress, Anxiety and Depression

2 to 3 sessions will normally give you all the tools and simple techniques you need to turn this around and help you enjoy your life once more.

Depression issues are often deeper rooted and I use gentle relaxing hypnotherapy techniques to help clear past issues alongside EFT and simple Eye Movement Therapy. This is all part of a range of extremely effective techniques designed to help rapidly clear past issues.

If there are things from the past you would like to let go of but don’t want to talk about that is not a problem since we will be letting the unconscious mind do the work. For any further information I am always very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Client Feedback

 I’m pleased to say the hypnotherapy has completely taken away the panic attacks I was having ” DM