Giving speeches and presenting are amongst the most unsettling experiences for many people, and it is much the same in sport and performing arts. If you would like to build your own personal confidence in everyday life or to present and perform with self-belief and authority then I can really help you. My previous experience as a professional musician performing in front of thousands of people coupled with my studies as a professional therapist has given me insight into the knowledge and tools  are available to help anyone confidently “step up on that stage” whether in your work or in your daily life. Performing Arts

Coupled with Hypnotherapy, EFT and Eye Movement therapy you will discover simple and powerful techniques that can immediately help body and mind balance your energy with clarity and healthy confidence in whatever situation and wherever you are.

To find out more about my extensive work in this field, online or face to face in my office, just contact me and we I will be happy to discuss your issues and how I can help

Client Feedback

I would recommend your hypnotherapy to was actually life changing ” RL