Thousands of years ago, physicians in China mapped the body’s electrical system. They charted fourteen energy paths, or meridians, and documented how stimulating specific points along those paths released energy blocks, restored the normal flow of Chi, or healing energy, and improved health.

Acupuncture, in which very thin needles are inserted at precise locations, is one way to achieve this result. Acupressure, in which massage or pressure stimulates the same points, is another.

Until recently, it was not realized that tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing on a specific problem could eliminate or significantly reduce emotional issues. In fact there is evidence that resolving emotional blocks can also help make significant improvements in certain physical symptoms and many EFT practitioners have helped clients achieve remarkable results. The basic techniques are simple and give the client an extremely powerful tool that they can also use between sessions.

Emotional Freedom Technique can be used as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with hypnosis and NLP and is also extremely effective for telephone consultations.

Watch this video for EFT tapping points.


Neuro Linguistic Programming has been hailed as “the new psychotherapy”. The three elements  Neuro, Linguistic and Programming refer to a/Neuro our nervous system such as vision, hearing and touch. b/ The Linguistic part encompasses our communication systems such as words and feelings and c/ How using this information can help us Programme our behaviors to achieved better outcomes in our lives. As such NLP allows us to get in touch with all our senses and forms of communication. We then have the data to construct and model new and more positive behaviors and beliefs allowing us to move beyond our old patterns and open up new outcomes and possibilities.


We have basically four brainwave patterns that are constantly active at different levels 24 hours a day. The level of activity of these brain waves (beta, alpha, theta, and delta) at any given moment can indicate our state of arousal and awareness. By monitoring these states we can refine techniques to help control how we feel.

The Interactive Brainwave Analyser is a computer programme that gives a real time read out of our brainwaves and has been used in a recent Channel 4 hypnosis programme helping track the state of subjects in hypnosis.

Using this programme with clients can be extremely useful in defining the level of hypnosis someone is in, tracking changes and helping boost valuable percentage improvements in sports and music performance. It can also help in working with such problems as OCD.

Click on this link for a video demonstrating a relaxed brain state readout using IBVA.

Night Time Tapping