Two most important things to start a hypnotherapy session

Are “Breathing” and “Looking” the two most important things to start a hypnotherapy session?

When arriving for a therapy session the main thing on our mind is the uncomfortable feelings we have been experiencing. After all we are there to resolve those issues. Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks or a phobia these are the problems we want to solve.

But are they the issues we should work on first? Or are we missing other equally important areas that would be better to start with. Therapy Session

If we think about it there are two things that are happening constantly in our lives and certainly without one of them we would not even have a life.

They are looking and breathing. And put like that we begin to realise the importance of this. Because, if I am not literally and metaphorically “looking in the right place” then I am inputting “faulty” information in my body and mind.

Also if I am in a high state of tension and I am not breathing correctly it will be extremely difficult to bring that tension down. My breathing will be reinforcing the pattern of stress and anxiety.

So I regard working on breathing and “where and how we are looking” to be the foundation we must set in place first. This makes the rest of the work so much easier. Our language is peppered with metaphors around this. How many times might we say “things are looking up”, “I’m feeling a bit down” or something “took my breath away”

As the book title by Barbara Hoberman Levine and Bernie Segal says

“Your Body Believes Every Word You Say”

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