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Relax Your Body and Mind

Quickly quieten your mind and relax your body

There are many studies that scientifically show that repeating a single word to yourself helps quieten the mind and relax the body. Of course, this has been going on for thousands of years and the practice is called meditation.

We often imagine that meditation is a difficult thing to do requiring hours and years of study and dedication. However, simply saying a few chosen words quietly to yourself for just a few minutes can make profound and positive changes in the brain.

Personally, I like to use these four words LoveJoyCompassionGratitude.

You can say them to yourself in any order in bed, in a quiet place sitting on the couch, or even on the train. You can also say them to yourself with your eyes open. Closed is probably best because the extra inward focus keeps the mind from wandering and helps close out the extraneous chatter that goes on in our heads. (Obviously do not try this when driving or anywhere that requires your full attention.)

The brainwave patterns that appear when we are meditating or in hypnosis are very similar. Both help us engage in a trance state whereby our cognitive mind quietens down and we drift into a slower brainwave state. Not only is it very pleasant to enjoy these quiet few minutes you will also notice that with regular use this technique brings with it a subtle positive adjustment in your thinking, relaxation, and your connection with yourself and others.

Remember, building positive improvements in our lives means looking for and being aware of subtle changes within our body, our reactions, and our mental programming. Often the quiet experiences in our lives can pass us by without us even being aware of them. So just a few minutes a day using an exercise such as this will help you engage a subtle state of being that calms, heals, and helps grow your life now and for your future.

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