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Inner Child

Important! Keep Your Inner Child Safe!

We all have our own inner child within us. This is a part of you that has grown up with you from birth to your present age. If you’re not sure if you have an Inner Child think about how you feel in demanding situations, or if you regress to childish behaviors when you don’t get your own way. You may be behaving like a teenager or an eight year old at school.

Now there is nothing wrong with your inner child and nothing wrong with you, it’s just that our inner child is still just that. A child. It doesn’t want to bring up a family, run a business or go to work. It wants to play. No wonder it gets childish when it doesn’t get what it wants.

However there is a way to help support your inner child and yourself. We must Grow Up in a way that helps our inner child feel safe. And we are grown ups aren’t we? And there is no turning back now.

In the past I used a mix of psychotherapy, hypnosis and counselling for inner child work which was very successful but a few years ago I developed a much simpler way achieving even better results almost immediately. This unique technique with the right input will almost immediately help us snap into a much more comfortable and responsible mindset in our daily lives. In fact it makes life easier and more comfortable whilst developing confidence and pleasure in our everyday lives. This change can free you from many of the worries and doubts you may have about yourself and your life. The simple changes will help you generate a feeling of safety that continues to support you through the tricky times and the good.

Growing up is about claiming your right to be yourself while taking positive responsibility for who you are and where you are. Building your relationship with your inner child will mean building a better relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Now your inner child will really begin to feel safe.

After all we can’t be children for ever.

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