How To: Sign In and Create a Skype Account for Sessions

If you have ever wanted to use skype in order to take advantage of my online sessions here is a quick and easy guide to get you started. This guide is taken from the Skype official guide.

If you are unsure how to install Skype follow the Skype support guidelines to download and install. This guideline is for Windows only. Go here for Linux and here for Mac

OK now you have Skype installed you are ready to get started and set up your account (in order to do this you must have an active Facebook account that is yours and know your login details for that account)

Lets go –

1 – Start Skype on your Windows computer
2 – Now click Sign in with Facebook

3 – You will now be taken to the Facebook login window. Enter your Facebook login details (email and password) then hit login

4 – Now click Login with Facebook. You can also tick the sign me in automatically each time Skype starts if you do not want to enter login details each time you run Skype.

5 – Now click Allow

6 – You have now signed in with your Facebook account to Skype

7 – If you do not have a Skype account yet you will land on this page. Click Get Started

8 – You will now be asked to read and accept their Terms and Conditions. Click I agree – Continue

That’s it, you should now be set up and ready to go with your new Skype account and Facebook account merged. You can now sign in using Facebook each time.