How to get rid of yips and performance nerves?

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What do you need to know about the YIPS and PERFORMANCE NERVES plus how to get rid of them

FIGHT or FLIGHT or FREEZE is designed to keep us alive. It is a primitive part of our autonomic nervous system and this means that whenever there is a sense of danger or even just worry, this system will in fact respond as if we are in a LIFE or DEATH situation.

Immediately your brain’s only job is to keep you alive and all it’s resources will be focused on that one outcome. This means that your body’s healing mode is switched off and your “modern” thinking brain is no longer able to operate rationally. You have now lost access to your fine motor functions and clear cognitive thinking

Also, in “shutdown” your body and brain are preserving oxygen. So there is not enough dopamine to turn the “freeze” state off and your focus and clarity back on.

This is why it becomes virtually impossible to instantly switch back to your clear thinking relaxed state.

So, to help gain more control of our autonomic (automatic) nervous system the most important place to start is with BREATHING.

Using the best diaphragm breathing techniques will lay a foundation whereby you can, as rapidly as possible re-engage your dopamine and other body chemicals. Now you can help reconnect the higher communication centres which have the blueprint of all the tens of thousands of hours of practise you have put into your skills.

Te next step in my work with Golfers, Tennis players, Darts, Snooker players, Musicians etc. is opening and expanding our vision pathways and learning to control our autonomic nervous system on an everyday basis.

Using simple acupressure points and mental programmes we will be able to find and relax the physical and mental, body and mind stress points in a way you can begin to take with you into every competition, friendly game or performance you have.

An extra bonus is that no one will know you are using these techniques. But they will be very unlikely not to notice that everything about your performance is improving!

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These techniques and strategies will work equally effectively with

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How Hypnotherapy can help Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an extremely debilitating experience that for many people takes over virtually every moment of their life. Tinnitus can be triggered from a physical source (e. g. loud noise) or an emotional source that we may not even remember or recognise.

If you are suffering from tinnitus I don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable the experience is and I had personally suffered from Pulsatile Tinnitus (hearing the sound of your own heartbeat in your ears) for a long time before using my experience as a therapist to virtually eliminate it altogether.

I had, in the past, read how hypnosis could help with tinnitus but felt there were too many gaps in the information presented. At the time this did not convince me that it would necessarily help most people be able to improve their experience on a long term basis. Tinnitus

However one of my favorite points of interest that I have been working for a few years now is the brain’s natural ability to rewire itself. Neuroplasticity. This had regularly helped many of my clients experience powerful relief from pain issues that the medical profession had been unable to help them with.

IMPORTANT. Always check any physical issues with your medical professional first

This brought me to the point of understanding how similar the tinnitus problem was and that the tools to help it were already available. Hypnosis helps the body and mind relax and this is a prerequisite step towards changing the old neural patterns and pathways that have “crowded out” every other response.

Simply the brain has been sending out danger signals that are remaining switched on when the danger is past. Although the body has in fact healed, the old neural pathways are left open. It became obvious that an important part of the therapy would be to encourage the brain to safely switch off the “danger” signals that were no longer needed.

Tinnitus is certainly not something we just have to put up with but it is something, using modern therapy techniques we can, subtly adjust our feelings and relationship with. Many people have found that we do not have to “just live with it”. And now they have the freedom to live without the continual distraction of tinnitus in their heads and in their lives.

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