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Healing Our Body

Breathing into our healing body // Addictions, Stress, Trauma, Confidence, IBS etc.

When we hang on to stressful feelings and experiences they become “stored” in our body. They become a primal reminder to keep us safe from similar future events.

To help quieten and heal these feelings place your hands on the area that is experiencing the stress response. It may feel like “butterflies”, tingly, or over excited. It may be tight, cold, hot, locked or vulnerable.

Begin to imagine generating warmth within your mind to spread with your hands over that area. As you place your hands over that area take your time and be patient and as relaxed as you can. Just continue to focus and wait until you notice a sigh, a letting go signal from that stressed part of the mind and/or body.

Become aware of not only the surface but also beneath the skin and deeper as your hand sends “infra red warmth” right through your body to the stressed area.

We must make friends and help that part to heal rather than feeling it is just a part of us that is misbehaving. Otherwise we are sending messages of cortisol and adrenaline to the area rather than the body’s natural healing chemicals.

You can do this any time, any place.

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