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Stress Anxiety

Are you spiralling into a continuous state of stress and anxiety?

And what can you do about it?

Our brains are still running on the primal circuits and neural pathways that belong to the jungle. But the jungle is not a very safe place. However we are still in a jungle but in a different jungle. A jungle that can feel just as scary as the actual jungle although in different ways. For instance we are constantly bombarded with worrying news, with deadlines, with all sorts of insecurities and doubts, some big and some small.

A lot of fears and worries in our present jungle come not from “life or death issues” that our fear response is primed to respond to, but from a series of ongoing doubts and worries that enter into our everyday lives unannounced.

This constant low level drip feeding begins to find it’s own channel to travel down which gets wider, broader and stronger the more we feed it. After time it can become almost like a raging torrent that takes over one’s life keeping us in a constant state of “looking out for danger”.

On virtually all my clients’ notes I start with three words. “Am I Safe?

Whatever the issues we need to work on, they will virtually always stem from these three words.

But what we actually need is to get back to “I Am Safe”

This will mean reconnecting with our own feelings of safety in our everyday lives. The aim is to become able to control our own autonomic (automatic) nervous system. We can’t always control everything in our lives but it really is possible to learn to have a lot more control than you might imagine over your own nervous system.

Working with hypnotherapy, relaxation and EFT alongside simple and powerful strategies and techniques, I regularly and rapidly help clients lift themselves out of this spiral of stress, fear and worry. This way you can begin to direct and enjoy your own experiences and lives in a much more beneficial and satisfactory way.

Isn’t that where we all want to be?

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