Addictions are usually compensatory habits that are driven by feelings of not being safe. These habits initially protect us from this discomfort but as we know will eventually consume us unless we can get help. Alcohol Addiction

Just stopping one addiction will often trigger another new addiction. To help resolve the mental patterns and habits in our present and from our past we need to put in place a new template for the present and future. Otherwise, we will remain stuck in a never-ending loop and always find something and some habit to help us compensate for the empty feelings in our lives.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP have helped 1,000’s of people find a new and safe, satisfying path for their future. Plus using profound yet simple techniques to turn thinking, confidence and self-esteem around positively are all part of the success so many of my clients have achieved.

If you are ready, right now, to safely build yourself a new and healthy reality then do feel free to contact me for any further information

Client Feedback

“ I have not had a drink since our last session (two months) and I have no inclination to have one ”