Relax with this Simple, Powerful, Rapid Self Hypnosis Sequence

 Disclaimer. Only use in a safe place, not when driving or operating anything that requires your full attention.


Having an easy and quick way to relax, whether in bed or during the day, is invaluable for our physical and mental health. This sequence is designed to help anyone relax the body and allow the mind to follow.  Self Hypnosis

You can use it to get into a positive creative state and give yourself affirmations, or just enjoy a calm relaxing state for however long you want.

To begin find a comfortable place sitting or lying down and take a few moments to settle yourself.

Close your eyes

Start by quietly paying attention to your breathing for a few moments. Then begin relaxing the body in the order below or in any way that suits you.

I put it together in this order so each group of two has a connection with each other and with the next group.

You may like to run through the order in your head a few times to become familiar with it.

Hands and Feet

Toes and Fingers

Forearms and Lower legs 

Head and Shoulders

Chest and Heart

Abdomen and Hips

Then with each group, saying to yourself simple phrases such as:

My hands and feet “are relaxing”

My hands and feet “are feeling heavy”

My body is “enjoying this sense of relaxation”

My fingers and toes are “warmer and warmer”

My head and shoulders are feeling “heavier and heavier”

I am feeling more “comfortable and relaxed”

My chest “moves comfortably and easily with each breath”

My heart is “relaxing and beating comfortably”

It is safe for me to “let go completely”

OR     you can just use the word “Relax” each time

Continue with your phrases and repeat each sequence as many times as you like with whatever variations feel comfortable for you.  You can use the example phrases or make up your own relaxing phrases as you go along.

When you feel comfortably relaxed you can just continue to enjoy how you feel or use some appropriate positive affirmations for your creative mind to work on.

You can do this in bed to help get to sleep either on your back or on your side. I also like to use it to  practise lying still. Being able to lie quietly if you have trouble sleeping will help a lot and if you feel you want to move it is a good idea to do so slowly. The brain is constantly wanting to be “on the move” but that doesn’t help us when we want to relax.

Then you can either continue into sleep or when you are ready give yourself the signal “My eyes are opening and I return to full conscious waking awareness”.

Open your eyes, wide awake.

I hope you enjoy this and do contact me if you would like to know more about my work.


Two most important things to start a hypnotherapy session

Are “Breathing” and “Looking” the two most important things to start a hypnotherapy session?

When arriving for a therapy session the main thing on our mind is the uncomfortable feelings we have been experiencing. After all we are there to resolve those issues. Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks or a phobia these are the problems we want to solve.

But are they the issues we should work on first? Or are we missing other equally important areas that would be better to start with. Therapy Session

If we think about it there are two things that are happening constantly in our lives and certainly without one of them we would not even have a life.

They are looking and breathing. And put like that we begin to realise the importance of this. Because, if I am not literally and metaphorically “looking in the right place” then I am inputting “faulty” information in my body and mind.

Also if I am in a high state of tension and I am not breathing correctly it will be extremely difficult to bring that tension down. My breathing will be reinforcing the pattern of stress and anxiety.

So I regard working on breathing and “where and how we are looking” to be the foundation we must set in place first. This makes the rest of the work so much easier. Our language is peppered with metaphors around this. How many times might we say “things are looking up”, “I’m feeling a bit down” or something “took my breath away”

As the book title by Barbara Hoberman Levine and Bernie Segal says

“Your Body Believes Every Word You Say”

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